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Build and Strengthen Your Own Personal Effectiveness Presented by Niki Tudge

  • Saturday, July 06, 2013
  • 12:00 PM
  • Monday, July 06, 2020
  • 12:30 PM
  • Recorded Webinar


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 Build and Strengthen Your Own Personal Effectiveness 

Presented by Niki Tudge

There are many ways to improve your personal effectiveness.  Whether you are in a management position or not this presentation will encourage you to reappraise your outlook, challenge your assumptions and consider if even the things you do well could be improved by developing a better self awareness and a strategic approach to your own self development. 

Learning Objectives: A journey into self awareness and personal development.

  • Become conscious that you lack a skill
  • Determine what you want to develop
  • The "Five Dimensions of Self"
  • Understand your strengths and your personal weaknesses
  • Understand what motivates you, to help you find personal and professional success
  • Gain an understanding into your personality, attitudes and behaviors.
  • Evaluate your emotional intelligence and identify areas for personal development

Aout The Presenter

Niki  specializes in small business growth, business management & people coaching and training programs. Niki has business degrees from Oxford University in England and is a Six Sigma Certified Black Belt. Niki is  a credentialed people trainer, project manager and certified facilitator. You can learn more about Niki Tudge by clicking here 


  • Business Degrees Oxford  University, England.
  • Six Sigma Certified Black Belt
  • AABP – Professional Dog Trainer
  • AABP – Professional Dog Behavior Consultant
  • Dip, ABT. Diploma. Animal Behavior Technology
  • Dip, CBST. Diploma Canine Behavior Science and Technology
  • Facilitation Certificate - Acuity Institute
  • The HCITB, International Training Board, Certified People Trainer. TS1, TS2 &TS3
  • Six Sigma Lean Project Management

Niki's current business roles are Founder DogNostics Career College, Founder & President DogSmith Services Inc and President of The Pet Professional Guild





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