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  • Incredible Tricks Through Shaping Part 4/6: Teach Your Dog to Cross Their Paws presented by Mariah Hinds

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Incredible Tricks Through Shaping Part 4/6: Teach Your Dog to Cross Their Paws presented by Mariah Hinds

  • Friday, April 21, 2017
  • 12:00 PM
  • Friday, April 21, 2023
  • 1:00 PM
  • Recorded Webinar


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Presented by Mariah Hinds

(Incredible Tricks Through Shaping is a six part webinar series. You can watch one or you can watch six. Each webinar sits as an individual skill training session; however they do build in skill level so if you are a beginner it may be best to do them in order.)

Part 4/6


Do you want to teach your dog fun tricks? Shaping is the fastest way to harness the power of your dog's mind and start your dog on the path to really awesome skills.

Your dog will learn the super cute trick of how to cross their paws while lying down. We will start with one tiny foot movement up close and build the behavior up to both feet crossing the other independently no matter how far away or how close you are.

Learning Objectives
  • Discuss the power of a clicker or reward word
  • Setting up your shaping environment
  • The first thing to click
  • The power of reward placement
  • Getting paw movement in the down position
  • Shaping the cross of the opposite leg
  • Adding stimulus control
  • Generalizing the behavior
  • Adding Distance

About The Presenter

Mariah, The DogSmith of Charlotte is certified by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. With experience stretching over more than twelve years, she’s handled every problem a canine can dish out, from dogs that fight, to rehabilitating severely abused dogs, to training winning performance dogs. Mariah is an avid dog sport competitor and recently achieved first place out of 100 dogs in a statewide competition and third place overall out of 300 competitors. So, whether you are looking for great pet dog training or high levels of competition obedience and trick training she can help you.

Mariah has a long record of success using positive reinforcement training and believes that rewarding dogs for the behavior you want works and works well. Building appropriate choices is a lot more effective than force, pain or fear. The current research and Mariah’s 12 years of experience in the field validate that the best way to change undesirable dog behavior is through positive reinforcement. Mariah says “we don’t use physical corrections to teach a dog a new behavior because that is simply not necessary or effective”. This doesn’t mean you’ll be forced to carry around reward cookies for the life of your dog. We steadily phase out food rewards once your dog has learned the new behavior and life rewards are introduced to support new behavior retention.

Mariah shares her home with Jada, her 10-year-old Doberman, Clever, her 4-year-old border collie, Talent, the Border collie puppy and 2 cats, Diesel and Spindle.

Join Mariah in one of her webinars and find out how much fun teaching obedience, tricks and manners can be for everyone!

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