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  • Learn How to Introduce Cats to Each Other - with Patience Fisher

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Learn How to Introduce Cats to Each Other - with Patience Fisher

  • Thursday, February 18, 2016
  • 7:00 PM
  • Friday, February 18, 2022
  • 8:00 PM
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presented by Patience Fisher


Join Patience Fisher as she discusses a protocol to introduce cats to each other, and the background information needed to understand how the cats are progressing during this process. Patience will also discuss cat communication, with emphasis on affiliative signals, peace-keeping signals, and aggressive signals. Having realistic expectations based on the backgrounds of the cats is important. Not all cats will be friends, but co-existence is possible if you set up the cats' resources correctly. Case studies that illustrate this will be presented.

The steps in the introduction protocol include: setting up a safe room; showing a new cat the house; non-contact introduction; and short, supervised free contact. How to read the cats to know if it is all right to proceed to the next step is critical. How to keep the whole process stress-free by providing ample and correctly positioned resources is important.

Webinar Objectives


  • realistic expectations based on:
  • the natural social system of cats
  • the sensitive period of socialization
  • how to read the cats' reactions
  • steps in the introduction protocol
  • setting up a safe room
  • showing the new cat the house
  • non-contact introductions
  • gradual free-contact
  • setting up the cats’ resources for the long-term

About The Presenters

Patience Fisher owns Patience, a Pittsburgh-based cat consulting service. Started in 2012 as a pet sitting and dog walking service known as Walk, Play, Learn, she is now exclusively offering cat behavior consultations. Patience volunteered at shelters for four years, helping with cat adoptions and specializing in fostering cats with behavioral problems.

Patience holds a BS Biology from Lehigh University. She is a Certified Veterinary Assistant through AAHA/Cedar Valley College. Recently she received a Diploma of Feline Science Behavior Science and Technology from the Companion Animal Science Institute.
Patience is also a freelance editor, specializing in life science manuscripts, especially those concerning animals. Prior to that she was an environmental analyst for 14 years, preparing environmental documents for certification of highway and public utility projects.
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