PPG 2020 Summit - Phoenix, Arizona. 

Collaborative Care and Enrichment - Creating Partnerships for Positive Results!

Continued Education Units 

IAABC Auditor  29.5 & Working Groups  32.5. CCPDT Trainers.  Auditors 24 CEUs & Working Groups 25 CEUs

CCPDT Behavior Consultants. Auditors 6 CEUs & Working Groups 5 CEUs

Register Here For THe PPG 2020 Summit 

PPG Members receive a significant discount. If you are interested in joining PPG then please click here so you may acess the member code before you proceed


The PPG 2020 Summit Hotel - The Sheraton Tempe

Book Your Room At The PPG Summit Hotel

Here you can find information on the hotel that is hosting the 2020 Summit.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you need help. If when you register for the Summit you chose to package your hotel room nights through PPG then we will make your hotel reservation for you. 

The PPG Group Rate Is Available: 09/14/2020 to 09/25/2020

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