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Applicant Application & Activation Process

Applicants to the program will complete the “Project Trade opt-in” form to join the program. See the form below. 
  • The membership manager will determine that the applicant is a PPG member in good standing and the form will be approved. If you are not yet a PPG Member then please join first and then complete the application form for Project Trade.

  • On approval the member will receive the link to the approved website copy, marketing collateral and the Project Trade participant badge
  • The participant will then update their website with the website text, the participant badge and the Trade discount structure. The participant will then let the membership manager know it has all been completed.
  • The membership manager will then activate the participant account by adding the member to the Project Trade directory
The participant website must be transparent regarding:
  • The Project Trade Badge
  • The approved Project Trade website text
  • A list of the Project Trade discount structure being offered
  • The PPG member should also fly the Project Trade badge on their member profile identifying them to clients. 

Click here for the application form

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