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Competition Rules

The Grand Prizes Are ... 

The PPG Annual Summit or

Woof 2019

Checkout The Great prizes!

To learn more about each of the prizes and the fabulous company sponsoring it  please click on the links below

Each category has a first and second prize

Photograph Categories

Best Pet(s) and Handler Team

  1.  A selection of professional books by individual authors – see list below
  2.  $50.00 gift certificate with DogWise & $50.00 gift certificate with Peaceable Paws Intern Academies

Best Group Photo

  1. A selection of 6 training videos from a PPG Summit and a $100.00 gift certificate from Doggone Safe
  2. A free Pet Dog Ambassador program for each person in the group. Choose from Guardian, Instructor or Assessor level

    Best Pet and Child Interaction Photo

    1.  A free Junior Membership to PPG and opportunity to partake in the Junior Membership Accreditation program plus a free Deluxe Downloadable Be a Tree Kit from Doggone Safe
    2. $50.00 Doggone Safe gift certificate

    Video  Categories

    Most Creative Complex Training Video

    1.  One enrollment to the DogNostics Dog Training Certificate Program
    2.  A $100.00 gift certificate to DogBiz programs

    Best Educational Video

    1.  A 12-month subscription to PPG webinars
    2. Your Collaborative Care Program from DogNostics Career Center

    Best Volunteering Video

    1. 1 x Nailed It Online Course and 1 x Pestering Pooches Online Course
    2. A year’s subscription to Positively TV

    Best Overall Entry

    1. Entry Ticket (incl. Gala Dinner) to PPG’s 3-day Dog Aggression & Bite Prevention Summit in Portland, Oregon April 26-28, 2019. 
    2. The Jean Donaldson Dog Training 101 online program DVD Copy

    Individual Books & Videos. 

    As these are received from participating Authors we will include  the titles, the author and a link to their sites. 

    If you would like to sponsor a book or video then please email us


    1. Ken McCort - All About Dopamine. 
    2. Louise Stapleton-Frappell - TrickMeister: Reinforcement Strategies for Success. 
    3. Angelica Steinker - Emotion, the Engine of Behavior Change. 
    4. Malena DeMartini - Separation Anxiety
    5. Dr. Soraya Juarbe Diaz -The Cat’s Meow. 
    6. Maureen Backmann - Fear and Anxiety in Dogs: A Mindful Approach. 
    7. Kenneth Phillips: Avoiding Liability
    8. Sponsorship needed
    9. Sponsorship needed
    10. Sponsorship needed


    1. Pat Miller - Beware of the Dog
    2. Malena DeMartini - Treating Separation Anxiety in Dogs
    3. Denise Fenzi & Debra Jones - The Dog Sports Skills, a collection of four books
    4. Niki Tudge -  Get Coaching Now!
    5. Denise Fenzi & Debra Jones -  Focused Puppy Book
    6. Pamela Dennison - How To Right a Dog Gone Wrong!
    7. Jean Donaldson - The Culture Clash 
    8. Jean Donaldson - Mine
    9. Jean Donaldson -  Fight
    10. Niki Tudge - A Kids’ Comprehensive Guide to Speaking Dog
    11. Tudge, Stapleton-Frappell & Steinker A Lexicon of Practical Terms for Pet Trainers & Behavior Consultants!
    12. Leslie McDevitt - Control Unleashed:Creating a Focused and Confident Dog

    Thank you to each of our fabulous sponsors for supporting this competition and the important message it helps spread around the globe

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