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November 2019: Issue 47

PPG Summit 2020: New Dates and Location

Save the date! PPG is heading to Phoenix, Arizona on Friday, September 18 – Tuesday, September 22, 2020 for its sixth annual summit. There will be two programs to choose from:

Program 1: The 4-Day Summit

Program 2: The 4-Day Summit & Off-Site Workshops

Registration opens Wednesday, November 27, 2019. Early bird discount will be available. Further details to be announced this week!

PPG Expands Steering Committee


PPG has appointed Judy Luther, chairwoman of PPG's Canine Committee (above, center), Daniel H. Antolec
(above, left) and Don Hanson (above, right), co-chairmen of PPG's Advocacy Committee to its Steering Committee with immediate effect. "As PPG continues to grow, it is essential that the Canine and Advocacy Committees also have a voice in the advancement of the organization, so I am especially thrilled to welcome our latest members to the Steering Committee," said PPG president Niki Tudge. "All three are long-standing, respected members of their local communities as well as the industry at large.” Read press release.

2020 Leslie McDevitt Workshop

PPG is hosting a 2-day workshop with Leslie McDevitt (below) titled Reactive to Relaxed: Next Steps in Control Unleashed. Taking place in Tampa, Florida on Saturday, April 18, 2020 - Sunday, April 19, 2020 McDevitt will teach material from her newest book Control Unleashed: Reactive to Relaxed.

PPG Welcomes New Corporate Partner

PPG is delighted to welcome Smart Dog Training and Behavior, LLC as its new corporate partner. Smart Dog’s owner Dr. Kristina Spaulding is a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist with19 years’ experience in the dog training and dog behavior fields. She offers dog training classes, private dog training and behavior modification, and online services. The latter comprises a variety of professional courses aimed at pet professionals and interested pet owners and go beyond the basics of methodology and learning theory to get in-depth information on the current science on dog training and behavior.

PPG Corporate Partner Blogs

Amongst the many other great things they do, PPG’s corporate partners also contribute to the BARKS blog.

Dr. Karolina Westlund of Illis ABC runs a variety of online courses focusing on animal emotions and the foundations of successful animal training. Check out her blogs here:

Veronica Sanchez is the founder of Cooperative Paws Service Dog Coach™, an educational certification program for professional trainers in service dog training. Check out her most recent blog, Tips for Working with Clients with Mobility Impairments.

And finally, Veronica Boutelle is the founder of dogbiz, the pet industry’s leading business support company. Check out her posts:

Check out too dogbiz’s exclusive Black Friday offer, which was emailed to all PPG members earlier today (November 15, 2019)!

PPG Releases Position Statement on Declawing Cats


PPG has released a statement on the practice of declawing cats that acknowledges scratching as a “natural feline behavior” and takes the position that declawing cats “for owner convenience or in an attempt to protect property, people, and other pets is both inhumane and unnecessary given that there are highly effective alternatives available to manage the behavior more appropriately and less intrusively.” Read the full statement/download pdf. (Photos: Can Stock Photo/aksakalko & AlexanderPokusay)

PPG November Workshops

PPG hosted Dr. Robert Hewings (front, center) from the UK College of Scent Dogs at its headquarters in Tampa, Florida this month. Hewings presented both his Become an Accredited Scent Instructor and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – Assistance Dog Training workshops. We’ll have a short report and more pictures from the event in the January 2020 issue of BARKS.

PPG Reiterates Industry Education Mandate

PPG has issued an updated Industry Education Mandate based on its Key Charter and Guiding Principles, stating that “PPG is committed to supporting organizations, groups, industry bodies and associations that seek change and also to reaching those who have not yet determined change is a priority. In this manner, PPG can focus on enacting systems that reinforce those who seek collaboration and who are open to education and networking.” Read full statement/download pdf.

BARKS: Release of November 2019 Digital Issue

The November 2019 issue of BARKS from the Guild is now available to read online. This issue’s Cover Story, drawing on comparisons with the field of dog training, discusses the pervasiveness of “dominance” related training methods in the horse world, and explains how force-free, scientifically sound methods can be implemented instead to make the very best of your partnership with your horse (or dog).

Other articles include:

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      This Month:

      November 19, 2019: Sally Williams, cat behavior consultant and owner of The Contented Cat, founding director of The Brodie Fund, and founder of The Feline Fine Project discusses pet cancer and its impact on family members.

      November On Demand – Available Now:

      Understanding Gene-Behavior Relationships in Domestic Dogs. Presented by Dr. Nathaniel Hall

      Functionally Analyzing Aggression. Presented by Chirag Patel

      How to Speak Cat: Exploring Feline Communication and Social Behavior. Presented by Paula Garber

      Next Month:

      Wednesday, December 4 - 12 p.m. EST

      Debunking Compassion Fatigue: Being Mindful of The Stressors of Caring. Presented by Coleen Ellis

      Thursday, December 12 - 1 p.m. EST

      A Simple Recipe for Social Media Success. Presented by Tracey Lee Davis

      Discounted Webinars - This Month ONLY!:

      PPG is offering selected webinars at a discount this month (discount valid till November 30, 2019).

      Understand How You Can Bring A Feral Pup Into The Pet Home - Yvette Van Veen

      “Beware the Straw Man: Fact, Fiction & Science in the Dog Training World” - Linda Case

      Understand the Fallouts of Punishment and What it Can Do to Dogs and People - Alexandra Santos

      Learn about Platform Training for Dogs - Michele Pouliot

      Inbound Marketing for Non-Marketers - Sam Mallikarjunan

      The PPG Archive holds over 3,000 articles, blogs and videos. Here's a selection of what's been added this month:

      The Use of Pet Correction Devices – Pet Professional Guild

      How Training Methods Affect a Dog's Attachment to Its Owner – Stanley Coren

      How to Introduce a Second Cat – Pam Johnson-Bennett

      A computational model for the modulation of the prepulse inhibition of the acoustic startle reflex - David Fernando Ramirez-Moreno, Terrence Joseph Sejnowski

      Influence of housing conditions on beagle behavior - Suzanne Hetts, J. Derrell Clark, Janet P. Calpin, Cheryl E. Arnold, Jill M. Mateo

      Social referencing and cat–human communication - I. Merola, M. Lazzaroni, S. Marshall-Pescini, E. Prato-Previde

      Long-term stress levels are synchronized in dogs and their owners - Ann-Sofie Sundman, Enya Van Poucke, Ann-Charlotte Svensson Holm, Ashild Olsen Faresjö, Elvar Theodorsson, Per Jensen & Lina S. V. Roth

      6 common medical problems that can masquerade as bad behaviour in your cat or dog - Danielle Hodges

      Reward-Based Dog Training Isn’t Just for Sunny Days – Zazie Todd

      Horses Blink Less, Twitch Eyelids More When Stressed, U of G Researchers Find – University of Guelph

      Carl Safina Is Certain Your Dog Loves You - Claudia Dreifus

      Effects of Group and Individual Housing on the Behavior of Kennelled Dogs in Animal Shelters - Petra A. Mertens & J. Unshelm

      Pet Professionals Call for Dog Training Industry Overhaul – Australian Dog Trainer

      Good Alternatives to E-Fencing: Dog Training Experts Weigh In – Kristi Benson

      Use of experimenter-given cues in dogs - Vilmos Csanyi, József Topál, Ádám Mikósi, R. Polgárdi

      Is Clicker Training the Most Effective Way to Train Dogs? - Stanley Coren

      Attachment bonds between domestic cats and humans - Kristyn R. Vitale, Alexandra C. Behnke, Monique A.R. Udell

      Manifestations of chronic and acute stress in dogs – Bonne Beerda, Matthijs. H. Schilder, Jan A.R.A.M.van Hooff, Hans W. de Vries

      Evaluating pair versus solitary housing in kennelled domestic dogs (Canis familiaris) using behaviour and hair cortisol: a pilot study - Emma K Grigg, Belle Marie Nibblett, James Q Robinson, Judit E Smits

      Does training method matter?: Evidence for the negative impact of aversive-based methods on companion dog welfare - Ana Catarina Vieira de Castro, Danielle Fuchs, Stefania Pastur, Liliana de Sousa, I Anna S Olsson

      Tsk, No, Eh-eh: Clearing the Path to Reinforcement with an Errorless Learning Mindset – Dr. Susan Friedman

      The Many Faces of Behavior Myopia: Recognizing the Subtle Signs - Angelica Steinker and Eileen Anderson

      The Concept of Dominance and the Treatment of Aggression in Multidog Homes: A Comment on van Kerkhove's Commentary - Petra A. Mertens

      Do Dogs Understand Play Signals Given by Humans? - Stanley Coren

      See the full PPG Archive.

      New this month!

      Position Statement on PPG’s Pet Industry Education Mandate– PPG

      The Pet Professional Guild Position Statement on Cat Declawing– PPG

      On the Danger of Dog Collars – Dr. Karolina Westlund

      The Power of the Clicker – Donna Savoie

      The Elephant on the Stairs – Bob McMillan

      The Miracle Mutt – Gail Radtke

      Encounter with a Poisonous Toad: How Positive Cues and Scent Games Saved the Day- Louise


      When Food Toys “Fail” - Eileen Anderson

      They Call Him Rocket Man – Daniel Antolec

      All Hallows and…..All Positive – Anna Bradley

      A Miniature Puppet Master – Bob McMillan

      Battling the Stereotype - Louise Stapleton-Frappell

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      Member Brags

      Congratulations to PPG member David Shade (above, with Otis) who shared his inspiring story at the TEDxRoseTree in Media, Pennsylvania last weekend. Shade is a disabled combat veteran, entrepreneur, CEO, and professional dog trainer. After struggling for years with Post Traumatic Stress, he found that the power of healing dogs can bring is remarkable and, since then, has dedicated his life to helping animals and humans. He is now CEO of At Attention Dog Training where he and his team train dogs every day in an effort to keep happy dogs in happy homes.


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