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Stay Up-to-Date with the Latest Developments at PPG! Issue 35: November 2018

Welcome to the latest edition of NEWS from the Guild, published in association with BARKS from the Guild, PPG’s bi-monthly trade publication for pet professionals.

Two Chances to Win a Free Ticket to Portland 2019!

At PPG’s Training and Behavior Workshop held at Best Friends in Kanab, Utah in April, the closing session discussed the importance of affordable education for the rescue and shelter world, so please share this this graphic (above) directly from PPG’s public Facebook page or Twitter feed to be eligible to win a FREE Ticket to our Canine Aggression and Bite Prevention Seminar (with specialty feline track) in Portland, Oregon next April. The winner will be announced in January 2019.

For a second chance to win a FREE ticket, enter our Cool Cats competition (details above). Just submit a photo of your cat(s) engaging in a behavior that is incompatible with aggression. Deadline for entries is November 30, 2018 and the winner will be announced on December 10, 2018. 

Last Call to Enter Let’s Celebrate +R Photo/Video Competition

PPG has declared November 17, 2018 as the International Day of Advocacy to celebrate the first anniversary of the official launch of the Shock-Free Coalition and is running a photo/video competition to mark the occasion. Let's Celebrate +R will run from seven days prior to seven days post November 17 with entry via both PPG's North America/International and Europe websites. To participate, simply take a photo and/or make a short video and submit it to one of the competition categories. Great prizes are on offer, including a ticket to PPG’s Canine Aggression and Bite Prevention Seminar 2019 in Portland, Oregon and Woof 2019 in Nottingham, England.

Shock-Free Coalition Now in Australia

Australia now has its very own chapter of the Shock-Free Coalition. Join their Facebook group to learn more and support their efforts to help eliminate electric shock training devices from the supply and demand chain. The Shock-Free Coalition believes that pets have an intrinsic right to be treated humanely, to have each of their individual needs met, and to live in a safe, enriched environment free from force, pain and fear. Members of the Shock-Free Coalition consider it to be their responsibility and utmost obligation to be vigilant, to educate, to remain engaged and work toward eliminating shock as a permissible tool so it is never considered a viable option in the training, management and care of pets. Sign the Shock-Free Pledge.

PPG October Workshops


PPG hosted two workshops last month, Let's Coach Scent Work! (photo, above leftwith Dr. Robert Hewings of the UK College of Scent Dogs and Walk This Way (photo, above right) with PPG president Niki Tudge and steering committee member Louise Stapleton-Frappell. We’ll have a short report and more pictures from both events in the January 2019 issue of BARKS.

New Live Chat on Website

If you need a quick answer to an inquiry, you can now contact PPG or BARKS from the Guild via the new live chat box on their respective websites.

New Equine Committee Educational Handout

PPG’s Equine Committee has released a new educational handout titled Social Relationships in the Domestic Horse to add to its growing body of resources.(Photo: © Can Stock Photo/Virgonira)

November BARKS Now Available Online; Order January BARKS in Print


The digital edition of the November 2018 issue of BARKS from the Guild is now available. Don’t miss our cover feature on dopamine, anticipation, and reinforcement schedules and the essential roles they combine to play in the efficacy of your training. There are also more great features on cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, and birds with a special appearance by Willoughby the turkey vulture, as well as training, behavior, boarding and day care, a special report from PPG Australia's July Sydney summit, PPG news, business advice, and lots more. Meanwhile, click here to order your copy of the print edition of the January 2019 edition of BARKS.

Project Trade Update



Congratulations to Erika Gonzalez of From Dusk Till Dog, LLC in New Jersey, USA for collecting five choke collars, one shock collar, and one prong collar (photo, aboveand is Project Trade Ambassador for September 2018. Congratulations, too, to Agnes Kavalecz of Lets Get Pawsitive LLC in North Carolina, USA, who collected two prong collars and three shock collars, Daniel Antolec of Happy Buddha Dog Training in Wisconsin, USA who collected one choke collar, and Kimberly Benson-Custard of TacoMo Dog Training in Michigan, USA who collected one shock collar.

Project Trade is PPG's advocacy program whereby members offer service discounts in exchange for aversive training gear.

Find out how Project Trade can help your business in Helping Dogs, Helping Families.

BARKS Podcasts 


Wednesday, December 5, 2018 - 1 p.m. EST

Guest: Dr. Jean Dodds.

Topic: An article regarding vaccinations that was inaccurately attributed to Dr. Dodds has been circulating. Dr. Dodds will review the article, rebut statements and correct the vaccination protocol. Register to listen live.

Fill out this form if you’d like to submit a question to any of the guests or hosts.

View the full schedule of upcoming BARKS Podcasts here.


November 8, 2018: Jean Donaldson discusses her upcoming PPG Webinar It’s Mine! – Object Guarder Cases Studies: Two DS/CC and a DRI (broadcasting December 11, 2018), which will present three case studies of resource guarders — two resolved using desensitization and counterconditioning and one resolved using differential reinforcement. Listen here.

PPG Webinars

Monday, November 19 - 1 p.m. EST

Trust Centered Training Presented by Judy Luther 

Monday, December 3 - 1 p.m. EST

Service Dog Owner Training -- Is this the path for you? Presented by Sharon Wachsler 

Friday, December 7 - 1:30 p.m. EST

Lining up the How, What and Why of Training Presented by Alexandra Kurland

Tuesday, December 11 - 1 p.m. EST

"It's Mine!" - Object Guarder Cases Studies: Two DSCC and a DRI Presented by Jean Donaldson

Discounted Webinars - This Month ONLY!

PPG is offering selected webinars at a discount this month (discount valid till November 30, 2018).

Nitty Gritty of Cat Training: Compacted Version!

Jacqueline Munera

Predatory Behavior - What is it and can it be stopped?

Dr. Tiffani Howell

Effective Training Sessions - The Pathway to Excellence

Dawn Gilkison

Learn about Platform Training for Dogs

Michele Pouliot

Understand the Fallouts of Punishment and What it Can Do to Dogs and People

Alexandra Santos

New this Month...

Why everything you know about wolf packs is wrong - Lauren Davis

The Kennel Club and Scottish Kennel Club Welcomes the Scottish Government’s Effective Ban on Shock Training Devices’ – Kennel Club

Alpha Status, Dominance, and Division of Labor in Wolf Packs - L. David Mech

Effect of affiliative and agonistic relationships on leadership behaviour in free-ranging dogs - Roberto Bonanni, Simona Cafazzo, Paola Valsecchi, Eugenia Natoli

Why do dogs lick people? - Julie Hecht

Do As I Do: Copy Cat Social Imitation in Dog Training - Claudia Fugazza 

Crackdown on Use of Shock Collars in Dogs – Michael Blackley

Dominance Theory: The Outdated Idea that Harms Our DogsTanya Hawkes 

Danger! Dominance Theory! Why Every Mention of “Alpha Dogs” or “Dominant Dogs” is Dangerous to All Dogs – Pat Miller

Celebrating the 1st Year of the Shock-Free Coalition +R Rocks – Don Hanson

Responsiveness of cats (Felidae) to silver vine (Actinidia polygama), Tatarian honeysuckle (Lonicera tatarica), valerian (Valeriana officinalis) and catnip (Nepeta cataria) –Sebastiaan Bol, Jana Caspers,  Lauren Buckingham, Gail Denise Anderson-Shelton, Carrie Ridgway, C. A. Tony Buffington, Stefan Schulz and  Evelien M. Bunnik

Pica in Dogs–Or, Eaten Any Good Rocks Lately? - Patricia B. McConnell

Dogs accompanied humans during the Neolithic expansion into Europe - Morgane Ollivier, Anne Tresset, Laurent A. F. Frantz, Stéphanie Bréhard, Adrian Bălăşescu, Marjan Mashkour, Adina Boroneanţ, Maud Pionnier-Capitan, Ophélie Lebrasseur, Rose-Marie Arbogast, László Bartosiewicz, Karyne Debue, Rivka Rabinovich, Mikhail V. Sablin, Greger Larson, Catherine Hänni, Christophe Hitte, Jean-Denis Vigne

A short history of dog training - Sarah Ann Gray

Does attachment security to a human handler influence the behavior of dogs who engage in animal assisted activities? - Shelby H. Wanser, Monique A.R. Udell

Dog Reactivity – iSpeakDog

Behavioral and Physical Effects of Spaying and Neutering Domestic Dogs (Canis familiaris) - Parvene Farhoody & M. Christine Zink

Behavioral effects of auditory stimulation on kenneled dogs - Lori R. Kogan, Regina Schoenfeld-Tacher, Allen A. Simon

The influence of auditory stimulation on the behavior of dogs housed in a rescue shelter - D.L. Wells, L. Graham, P.G. Hepper

Factors associated with long-term success in working police dogs - Karen Brady, Nina Cracknell, Helen Zulch, Daniel S.Mills

The socio-cognitive relationship between cats and humans – Companion cats (Felis catus) as their owners see them – Péter Pongrácz, Julianna Szulamit Szapu

Non-reproductive Effects of Spaying and Neutering on Behavior in Dogs - Deborah L. Duffy and James A. Serpell

Nose Target. No thanks - Kay Laurence

See the full PPG Archive.

Portland Blog Competition: Lessons from Bogie - Shannon Finch

Portland Blog Competition: Aggression by Any Other Name - Stephanie Peters

Choose Professional Development Conferences Wisely, or the Return on Your Investment May Disappoint You! - Niki Tudge

When Day Care Is Bad for Your Dog - Danette Johnston

For The Curious – Your Questions on Deaf, Blind Dogs Answered – Debbie Bauer

Managing Dog-Dog Greetings – Daniel Antolec

Spice Up Your Walks! - Anna Bradley

Dogs Are Exceptional, Despite Attempts to Argue Otherwise – Pamela Hogle

Litter Box Victory - Jennifer Van Valkenburg

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