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Your Geek Week Numbers

Grab the 4 Payment Plan! Yes pay over four months for your ticket. Register, don't pay the invoice and email us. We will then split the invoice into 4 small monthly payments!

Need Continuing Education Units?

PPAB 30 CEUs, CCPDT & KPA 24 CEUs, IAABC 36 CEUs, CEUs for PPGA. 30 CPD for INTOdogs

74 Presenters covering 106 Presentations Each With Its Own Live Q&A Session

SAVE $50! Early Bird Pricing Before August 31, 2021, $250.00. After August 31, $300.00

Are you an Author or do you work with, partner with or collaborate with an Author?  Meet the Author sessions are a great opportunity to promote a product, a philosophy or as a way to introduce a budding new Author. 

How It Works:

1. You have 45 minutes of on-camera time to present your written works or for you to interview an author to help you promote their books or works.

2. Your Book Review, Meet the Author session, can be done live or pre-recorded but must contain a 15-minute, minimum, LIVE Q&A for the audience to chat with the Author.

3. Your book review can include text, questions, or video demonstrations.

4. Your session can be a combination of live and pre-recorded, depending on your preference and need.

5. Author must have a mechanism to sell their books to Geek Week Attendees, ideally at a promotional rate

6. Benefit from your own “Meet the Author” space on the Geek Week platform to generate excitement about your session, sell books or create reading space.

Put the spotlight on the written word and promote your book.

Summary of Requirement:

  • You or your presenter and/or Author must be on camera.
  •  Presentation time: 45 minutes, plus a 15-minute Q&A
  • Can be prerecorded or delivered live.
  • Presentations should include visuals and slides.
  • All Meet the Author sessions need to be educational (think of having your own infomercial) and promote your written works
  • Author must have a mechanism to sell their books to Geek Week Attendees, ideally at a promotional rate.

Interactive Ideas:

a) Provide the opportunity for virtual book signings and orders.

b) Create a pre-Geek Week book reading session during the 7 Day Count Down Event in the special “Meet the Author” space on the Geek Week Platform

c) Every day post a small section of content of your book to generate discussions.

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