GeeK Week Final Deadlines for Submission

Meet The Author – If you are using a recording for your session then your MP4 file will need to be in by October 25, 2021

Sponsor Spotlight - If you are using a recording for your session then your MP4 file will need to be in by October 25, 2021

SWAG Inserts – Your artwork needs to be submitted by October 28, 2021. They will be formatted into the SWAG catalogue and distributed.

Prize Submissions - Please submit by October 28, 2021, so we can finalize them and how we award them. 

Virtual Cocktail Party RSVPs – Please submit your RSVP by October 28, 2021, so we can plan the party and who is taking part. 

All forms are below for submitting information 

Your Geek Week 2021 Presenter Tool-Kit

Please save this webpage address so you can refer back to it  

Task 1 - Sign the presenter agreement 

  1. Sign the agreement at the bottom by filling in your name and email address. (these email details will be used for all future communication)

Task 2 - Submit Your  Session Information - Due June 15, 2021. We need this information to list and market your session and your attendance.

Please use this form to submit:

  1. Your Picture
  2. Your Bio
  3. Your Session Title, Description & Learning Objectives. 
  4. On this form you will be asked what dates and times you would like to present. This file in your Presenter Google Drive Folder will help you. It contains a schedule template with session times, dates and numbers

Task 3 - Download the PowerPoint Title Slide 

  1. Download your sesion "Title Slide" Template from the Google Drive folder and insert it into the front of your presentation. (click on google drive graphic)
  2. Open the folder and then to save this file to your computer, you will need to right click on the file’s title and then choose download.”

Task 4 - Your Final Files - Due September 20th

  1. Please complete this form to submit your final session files.
  •  If you are presenting live then it will just be the PDF of your slide handouts you include
  • If you are providing a recorded version of your session on an MP4 file then please include a link to the file in the form. Please only use  either Google Drive or Dropbox as a way to give us access to your recorded file. 
  • If you are presenting a recorded version of your session and you want help recording it, then please click here and schedule a session with Sharon Nettles. This must be completed by September 20, 2021

Task 5 - Plan To  Marketing Your Sessions

A part of the presenter agreement for the 2021 Geek Week is presenter participation in helping to promote the event. By submitting your material, you are agreeing to the following:

  • To promote my involvement at Geek Week I can include the provided 2 paragraphs of copy into two emails sent out to my email list between the dates of July 1 to October 15, 2021 and at least 4 weeks apart.

    Using a provided personalized graphic, I am able to promote the event 3 times on social media between the dates of July 1 and September 25, 2021 and at least 4 weeks apart.

Google Drive - By June 15, 2021 this folder will contain.

  1. 2 paragraphs of  written copy for your email campaign
  2. A paragraph of copy for FB &  Instagram 
  3. A sentence of copy for Twitter
  4. A graphic with your photograph and your session names for sharing across social media
  5. The PowerPoint Title Slide Template 


As a presenter you may submit a promotional  insert for our event SWAG BAG -  Click here 

  1. SWAG ads/inserts must Include unique offers to help promote your products & services. The ad/insert must contain a specific code and link for attendees to purchase your offer.
  2. Artwork Specs: Full color high resolution artwork – 4 X 6 (inches) with a resolution of 300 DPI. (1200px x 1800px)

Task 7 RSVP To The Virtual Cocktail Party. 

Join us for our Virtual Cocktail Party and help us judge the competition. 

Click here to RSVP

Task 8 - Allocate Your 3 Rescue Tickets

As a presenter you are entitled to donate 3 Geek Week Tickets to a rescue of your choice. PPG is committed to providing fabulous educational opportunities to our Rescue & Shelter friends. Please submit this form so we know who to contact and gift the tickets too. 

Task 9 - Donate a Prize of Gift 

 Do you want to donate a Gift for a Prize for Geek Week 

If so, please complete this form so we have all the information we will need

Task 10 - Join A Group of Presenters on Facebook Live

Are you interested and willing to join a couple of other presenters and participate in a Facebook live session to discuss Geek Week and your involvement? If so, click here and let us know when you are available. Simply choose a date and time and we will then send you an invitation and the link to use.

To Begin - Review Your Checklist of tasks 

  1. Read the presenter agreement here on this page. 
  2. Sign the presenter agreement at the bottom by end of day ET on May 31, 2021 please (see orange box), Failure to sign the agreement revokes this Geek Week invitation to present. 
  3. Submit your final session information by June 15, 2021 using the form below so we can list and market your involvement. Please rensure your session fits the description for the track you are presenting in. 
  4. Plan your appointment with PPG to record your presentation if you do not plan to do it live (all sessions will have live presenter Q&A)
  5. Download your sesion Title Slide from the Google Drive folder and insert it into the beginning of your presentation.
  6. Plan your session marketing
  7. Submit all your final files by September 20, 2021 
Follow the Task Steps Highlighted to The Left 

Your Geek Week Presenter Agreement

Event Overview 


November 13 - 17, 2021

Geek Week is a 5-day Virtual Event being presented and managed by PPG (the organizer) and co-hosted by PPG Australia, PPG British Isles, APDT Australia and  INTODogs.    Sessions will run 24 hours to accommodate all time zones. We are using a Mighty Networks platform for attendee communication and access to live and recorded sessions.  Sessions will be delivered live or recorded with presenters available at the end for live Q&A via Zoom or GoToWebinar. Please note all sessions must include a video camera of the presenter and high quality audio.  More detailed information about the event can be found here 

Performance Under This Agreement

  1. All sessions are 1 hour (60 minutes). A 45-minute video presentation and then 15 minutes Q&A.
  2. You will be issued a full access pass for all five days of  Geek Week.
  3. All materials, documents and information required under this agreement shall be provided to PPG via a submission form.
  4.  As a presenter you may contribute an electronic item to our Virtual SWAG bag to promote a service or a product you offer to the attendees. The SWAG bag inclusion must be a discounted item, special promotion or discount code of some type. A special form will be forwarded for this. 

Appearance and Conduct

  1.  All Presenters are reminded that they represent a learned profession and that among the many goals of the PPG is to 'reach for a higher standard'.   
  2. Please remain mindful of the important contribution that your individual appearance and conduct make toward our mutual professionalism, reputation and to lecture attendees as well as our general membership.     
  3. PPG asks that all Presenters maintain a professional demeanor in their appearance and conduct including respectful discourse, punctuality and attire.
  4. All presentations must be done using a webcam, so that attendees can not only hear your presentation but can also see you present. The webcam must be sized so that your apperance is prominent on the screen 

Presentation Content

The Presenter is responsible for the content of the platform presentation, including any slides, visual aids, handouts, video, audio, articles, tools, supplies, equipment or other materials (hereafter “content”). Presenter hereby represents that:

  1. The content is accurate to the best of presenter’s knowledge
  2. The content is presenter’s own original work, or used with permission (see below), and will not infringe on a third party’s copyrights or other property rights,
  3. The content will be educational in nature and will not include a sales pitch for any product or service
  4. the content does not contain any materials that will, nor will the presenter, libel/slander or disparage the products or services of any person or organization. 
  5. During the presentation, the Presenter will not engage in any type of promotional marketing or selling of any product or service without prior written permission from the organizer.
  6. The Presenter will not engage in any derogatory comments regarding any other presenter or trainer either verbally, by use of body language or by intonation.
  7. The Presenter has prepared content in conjunction with the anticipated presentation at Geek Week.    Therefore, Presenter agrees to following:
  • Any and all rights to Content produced and/or provided by the Presenter in the form of notes, speeches, text, research, and any other written form of work shall remain the sole property of the presenter and shall not transfer under the terms of this Agreement except as set forth below.
  • The Presenter warrants that the works produced pursuant to the event are original products of Presenter and do not violate any copyrights or other intellectual property rights including trade secrets of any third party and that
  • The Presenter will obtain all releases which may be necessary to secure any rights which are granted to Organizer hereunder.

Publicity & Representation and Indemnification

  1. The Presenter understands all information provided, including but not limited to Presenter’s name and likeness and abstract may be used prior to, during or following the event.
  2. The information may be edited as the Organizer deems necessary in conjunction with the presenter’s approval.    Use may take any format, including website, email, newsletters, social media, etc.
  3.  If the Presenter submits copyrighted information, materials will not be included in conference workbook, unless written permission to do so is provided.
  4.  The Presenters will be asked, but are not required, to participate in promotional events, interviews, articles, podcasts and other activities prior to, during and following the event. We really appreciate your involvement in these where possible 
  5.  Representations and Indemnification. The presenter will comply with PPG policies, rules and directions. The Presenter will at all times act professionally and refrain from engaging in any conduct harmful to or not in the best interests of PPG.    The Presenter will indemnify PPG and hold harmless against any claims by third parties that the Presenter has infringed the rights of a third party or otherwise breached the representations in this paragraph.

Termination/Excuse of Performance/Failure to Perform   

  • This agreement shall become null and void if an act of God (force majeure), illness or injury of or to the Presenter and other instances outside the control of either party making performance illegal, impossible or commercially unfeasible for one or both parties.   
  • If the Presenter breaches this agreement or fails to perform in any circumstance under his/her direct control, presenter agrees to relinquish all rights to aforementioned honorarium.   
  • The Presenter agrees to notify PPG immediately in the event of an emergency that will prevent them from meeting their obligations as a presenter.

Material Submission & Important Deadlines

Materials to Submit So We Can Effectively List & Market Your Session

a. Presenters will provide to PPG a 300-word biography and a high-resolution photograph to be used promoting presenter. Picture format: jpg size: 1600x1600, resolution, minimum 300 dpi.

b. Presenters will provide to PPG a session title, 350-word session description and a minimum of 3 key learning objectives

c. Session information must be submitted by June 15, 2021 - see form to use on the left hand side

Submitting Your Final Documents & Recordings

  1. If you are presenting live then you only need to submit your presentation note pages for your audience
  2. If you want help recording your session, then please click here and schedule a session with Sharon Nettles. This must be completed by September 20, 2021.
  3. Your final PDF of your session notes and any self-recorded presentations MUST be submitted using this form by September 30, 2021

We highly recommend that you make a note of all the deadlines for material submission and/or recording in your personal calendar as we will not be able to accept any material after said deadlines. 

Don't  Forget To Join The Geek Week Presenter Community. 

This confirms you agree to the presenter agreement and ensures you receive all the necesary communication 

 Geek Week 2021 - Special Features

Special features at Geek Week 2021 will include 24 hours of presentations each day, as well as two general sessions, chaired by an academic keynote speaker or skill expert, to take place at 8 a.m. and 8:30 p.m. ET each day. The schedule has been structured so it will be accessible to all time zones.

On days 2, 3, and 4, the general sessions will be supported by three educational tracks, the Academic Track (The A Track), the Behavior Track (The B Track) and the Consulting Track (The C Track), that will run simultaneously a minimum of three hours apart. On days 1 and 5, the general sessions will be supported by several of the A, B and C tracks, a virtual cocktail party, panel discussions, and other fun activities.

The A Track will be strictly science based and academic in nature. It will feature national and international academics discussing their research or reviewing the current literature in their field. Each session will be scholarly in nature, breaking down a research subject, its data, findings, and recommendations.

The B Track, meanwhile, will be a behavior ‘how-to’ track featuring highly proficient, hands-on, mechanically skilled dog trainers who will provide a comprehensive understanding of how the presented skill should be trained and performed. Each presentation will include a breakdown of the task skills, the required criteria, the goals of the task, and the training steps to teach the skill, accompanied by explanatory videos. These sessions will provide attendees with a takeaway ‘how-to’ that they can implement what they have learned immediately into their businesses.

Finally, the C Track will cover consulting, marketing, and personal growth. This track is designed to support personal development and business skills and topics may be academic, operationally focused, or related to human resources.

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