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Doggone Safe is a US-based 501(c)3 non-profit with over 1400 members in more than 30 countries. Our goal is the education of safe human-canine interactions to prevent dog bites that can ultimately lead to serious and life altering ramifications for both people and their pets. Learn more about us. There are several ways you can get involved in  Doggone Safe and help educate your local community on  Dog Bite  Prevention.  Click here to look at our membership levels 

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Dog Bite Safety

Why Do Dogs Bite?

There are many reasons a dog may bite a child, but they can all be summarized in one sentence: “Dogs bite because they have not been socialized to be around children and children haven’t been educated to act appropriately around dogs!”

And There are Always Warning Signs!

There are always warning signs before a dog bites but the signs are often subtle and unless you (and your children) have learned to recognize them you may not notice. Even when a dog appears to tolerate repeated rough play or pestering by a child it may surprise you and bite one day. It’s how it communicates.  Your dog may have been showing warning signs for months or even years before it finally loses patience and bites. 

Dog Bites are Preventable!

With the right training dog bites can be prevented.  And that means the right training for your dog and your children.  In our modern society children and dogs are often raised in a highly scheduled, very structured and often less ‘natural’ environment that may lack opportunities for basic socializing between dogs and children.  However, if dogs are properly trained, socialized and cared for and if children are taught how to behave, understand and act around dogs then dog bites can be greatly reduced.

PPG members Are  Here to Help You!

Not only will  Puppy Education help your dog start out on the right paw with the socialization it needs, many PPG Dog Trainers are now certified as Doggone Safe Presenters to teach your children how to understand and behave around dogs.

Doggone Safe is a non-profit organization dedicated to dog bite prevention through education.  Doggone Safe programs include a “Be a Tree” presentation for children.  This program, for school age children, is a short, interactive presentation with large photos and many activities to teach children how to understand the signs a dog displays with their body language. More importantly, through the “Be a Tree” program, children will learn how to understand dog body language and behave accordingly.  In the same way we teach children to behave in a public place, at Grandmas or at school, Be a Tree teaches children the necessary skills they need when they around dogs

 View this video of a “Be a Tree” presentation.

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