Before you start this application make sure you have read through all of the application criteria on the PDF Guide. That way you will be prepared with all the necessary information this online form will ask for. You can save and resume this form, meaning you can start the form and then come back later to complete it. The "save and resume" button is at the bottom

  1. The candidate must be a current PPG member in good standing for a minimum of 12 months. 
  2. Members can be full, associate, or provisional, and across all training and pet care specialties. 
  3. Pet owner members are not eligible.
  4. Do not submit the application outside the dates stipulated in the candidate guide

Scholarship determination is made by a commitee who confidentially assess each applicant file, only applications that meet a specific grading on the first assesment are submitted to round two of the assesments. all individual information is kept confidentail from those making the assesments. Please also note that all scholarship funds are paid directly to the educational provider. In certain situations partial scholarships are awarded towards the cost of a program.

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