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Your Geek Week Numbers

Grab the 4 Payment Plan! Yes pay over four months for your ticket. Register, don't pay the invoice and email us. We will then split the invoice into 4 small monthly payments!

Need Continuing Education Units?

PPAB 30 CEUs, CCPDT & KPA 24 CEUs, IAABC 36 CEUs, CEUs for PPGA. 30 CPD for INTOdogs

74 Presenters covering 106 Presentations Each With Its Own Live Q&A Session

Giving you the ideal choices and best value to suit your needs

Save $75 with Early Bird Pricing Before August 31, 2021, $575.00. After August 31 $650.00

A new and unique way to exhibit at a virtual conference!

No booths mean no booth fees, no extension cords, no set-up, no knock-down and no waiting for someone to pop by. Grab your Geek Week 2021 Sponsor Partnership and interact with attendees, live, each day.  More exposure – less effort.

We know getting in front of attendees to showcase and talk about your products or services is important to you and we’ve found a way for you to do that with minimal fuss and without having to sit and wait for attendees to come to you. That’s right, we’ve done away with exhibitor booths, so there is nothing between you and your customers.

You Get All of These 10 Incredible Opportunities to Engage, Explain and Bond:

1. Get in front of Geek Week attendees in our dedicated Exhibitor’ Sessions.

 A total of 9 Opportunities, 30 minutes each, OVER 4 HOURS to get your products or services to every attendee. These sessions are scheduled to ensure maximum attendance for you. There are twice daily sessions on days two, three and four and one session each on days one and five.  These are scheduled at times to cover all participating time zones. Join us in your private Exhibitor Session on our Zoom platform to directly network, engage, explain and bond with attendees.

  •  Vendor Zoom sessions to directly interact with attendees. You benefit from telling your story face to face (virtually)
  • Breakout rooms to talk about your specific services or products. One-on-one time with attendees so you can fully discuss and explain all your great products/services and how they can help your customers.
  • Option to set up your own live event that you can stream via Zoom – take your interested prospects to your own “mini-event” – Oh the possibilities.

2. 30-minute, live, Facebook Interview to promote your company’s participation at Geek Week 2021

  • Make it easy on yourself – all interviews will be scheduled and conducted prior to the event for optimal promotion and optimal impact.
  • Broad release and exposure – We will post and distribute your interview via the PPG BARKS Podcast and website getting your message to the widest audience possible.
  • AND, we will email your interview directly to ALL members of the 4 participating organizations. Over 10,000 recipients!
  • You get a copy to distribute however you want to further broaden the impact.

3. Mingle with guests during our Geeked Up Themed Virtual Cocktail Party Check out the creative costumes and network with attendees in an informal, fun environment.

  • The Geek Week Virtual Cocktail Party is the ideal social setting for GeeNerds to embark on Speed Nerding and talking to you about your products/services.
  • You will enjoy a continuous flow of attendees as they rotate through your hosted room where you will share the stage with one of our popular Presenters. Network, chat and enjoy. 
  • Party time! Join us as a Room Coordinator and get creative launching a party in your breakout room.
  • Wield the scorecard and join in as a Geeked Up Judge and help pick the GeeNerd winner and runner up.

4. What event is complete without a SWAG bag? You can include marketing materials in our Virtual Geek Week Swag Bag for all attendees.

  • Show case your special offer in our SWAG Bag Catalog. All Geek Week attendees and ALL 4 participating organizations members get Our SWAG Bag with your offer. Meaning thousands are seeing your advertising for your product or services!
  •  Your ad will be featured on the Geek Week Event platform a full 7 days leading up to the event, 5 days during the event and 7 days after the event. 19 days of exposure for your products/services. Wow!
  • Your Swag Bag insert will also go out to all members of participating host organizations via their individual member Facebook Groups and member area websites adding even more eyes on your offer.
  •  Your Geek Week Virtual catalog of offers will be emailed to all Geek Week attendees after the event as a reminder of your great services/products.

5. Be part of our 7-day Geek Week Count Down Event

  • Donate a prize and/or be part of a 15-minute live Zoom session to announce your donated raffle prize and gain exposure by sharing your products or services.
  • These sessions are part of Geek Week’s countdown program to generate increased excitement for Geek Week and for you.
  •  All attendees will be invited onto the event platform for 7 days of fun, informative interviews each morning and afternoon running up to Geek Week. And you will be a key part of it. 
  • This will culminate with our opening night Virtual Cocktail Party.
  • Attendees will have the opportunity to watch your session, as well as all of the 14 sessions, live and win fabulous prizes.

6. Lead list - Access to a huge pre-qualified list of clients

Within 48 hours of the event you get a list of attendees who have opted in with their contact information for your marketing purposes (only those attendees who have opted into to this with their written approval given at  event registration will be included on this list).

  •  Follow up and cultivate your network relationships after Geek Week in our growing Geek Week community.

7. Private Exhibitor Corner - This space is for you!

Your logo will be displayed during Geek Week on the Geek Week Platform on your very own Vendor & Sponsor Thread. You will also be allocated an Exhibitor Corner, a private group space to interact with attendees. You can:

  • Post discussion topics and chat with attendees. A great way to discuss the benefits and features of your products/services.
  • Post videos showcasing your products or services. A Video is worth a thousand words, so strut your stuff.
  • Share videos demonstrating your products or services. Next best thing to a live demonstration.
  • Hold a raffle and provide prize opportunities. Everyone loves a raffle – a great way to attract maximum attendance.
  • Multiply engagement with an event challenge. Ride the Geek Week popularity wave to marketing success.
  • Create a contest that gets a buzz going around your offerings. A contest related to your product/service is a great way to get your customers to know and remember you.

You are only limited by your creativity. Use the ability to post in the general chat to create excitement and increased interest in you and your company.

8. There is nothing like the personal touch - Chat with attendees in the General Comments Area

  • Grab the opportunity to post information about your company/products/services in the general event chat area twice every day.
  • This is your chance to be clever and capture attendees’ attention for those must have products or services. Tell them why they need you in a mini-marketing message.

9. It Goes Without Saying but We’ll Say it Anyway – You Get Two FREE Geek Week Tickets

  • As a Geek Week Sponsor Partner you get 2 FREE Geek Week tickets for you and a coworker to attend Geek Week 2021 and mingle with other attendees.

10. Did You Say Supersize Me? For Maximum Exposure You Also Have Two Options to Upgrade:

Supersize Upgrades

Upgrade #1

Sponsor Spotlight for an additional $200.00

All eyes on you! Our Sponsor Spotlight sessions put the focus squarely on your products or services. These sessions place you front and center giving you the opportunity to educate our attendees while sharing how your product or services can benefit them, their pets, their lives and their businesses.

How Sponsor Spotlight works:

1.      You have 45 minutes of on-camera time to give your educational talk
2.      There is a 15-minute Q&A at the end
3.      Your educational session can be done live or pre-recorded.
4.      If you choose to pre-record your session you will have more options to insert videos or demonstrations that you might not be able to do from one, live location.
5.      Your session can be a combination of live and pre-recorded elements depending on your preference and need.

Put the spotlight on you and let the focus shine on your products or services!

Summary of Requirements:

  • You or your presenter must be on camera.
  • Presentation time: 45 minutes, plus a 15-minute Q&A
  • Can be prerecorded or delivered live.
  • Presentations should include visuals and/or slides.
  • All Sponsor Spotlight sessions need to be educational (think of it as your own infomercial)

Presentation idea examples:

a) Effective marketing

b) Navigating social media

c) The power of affiliate programs

d) The power of referral partners

e) Canine enrichment

Upgrade  #2 

Meet the Author for an additional $200.00.

Are you an Author or do you work with, partner with or collaborate with an Author?  Meet the Author sessions are a great opportunity to further promote your philosophy, product or artistic creations.

How Meet The Author Works:

1. You have 45 minutes of on-camera time to present your written works or for you to interview an author to help you promote your business.

2. Your Book Review can be done live or recorded but must contain a minimum 15-minute, LIVE Q&A for the audience to chat with the Author.

3. Your book review can include text, questions or video demonstrations.

4. Your session can be a combination of live and pre-recorded segments, depending on your preference and need.

5. Author must have a mechanism to sell their books to Geek Week Attendees, ideally at a promotional rate.

6. Benefit from your own “Meet the Author” space on the Geek Week platform to generate excitement around your session, sell books or create reading space.

Put the spotlight on your written word and promote your book.

Summary of Requirements:

  • You, your presenter and/or Author must be on camera.
  • Presentation time: 45 minutes, plus 15-minute Q&A
  • Can be prerecorded or delivered live.
  • Presentations should be visual with slides.
  • All Meet the Author sessions need to be educational (think of it as your own infomercial) and promote your written works.
  • Author must have a mechanism to sell their books to Geek Week Attendees, ideally at a promotional rate.

Interactive Ideas:

a)    Provide the opportunity for virtual book signings and orders.
b)   Create a pre-Geek Week book reading session during the 7 Day Count Down Event in the special “Meet the Author” space on the Geek Week Platform
c)   Every day post a small section of content of your book to generate discussions.

Stand out, shine, and be front and center at Geek Week as a Sponsor Partner.

Geek up your Sponsor Partnership by adding a Sponsor Spotlight Session


Sponsor a Meet the Author for $200

Total $775 Early Bird Price 

Can’t decide between Sponsor Spotlight or Meet the Author? Add both.

Total Early Bird investment $925

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