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Welcome to the Pet Professional Guild Assistance Animal Division!

We invite individuals and professional organizations interested in training, working with, and receiving support from animals who assist people in different ways to join PPG. These include:

●      Service animals (dogs and miniature horses) who are trained to aid their handlers who have been diagnosed with medical or psychiatric disabilities and have received a prescription for a service animal.

●      Therapy animals who are trained to provide comfort and therapeutic interactions to people in need (other than their handlers) in a variety of settings including hospitals, private therapy practices, retirement and nursing homes, schools, and in the aftermath of disasters.

●      Emotional support animals who provide their handlers comfort and support within their own homes. 

Pet owners can join for free, and as members will have access to additional pages on our website (along with some amazing vendor discounts!).

Assistance animal trainers and professional organizations are encouraged to join PPG for professional and educational support, advice, and materials that help promote force-free interactions with animals who help people.

Our volunteer committee includes a broad representation of pet professionals with a variety of skills and interests specific to assistance animals. We look forward to welcoming you into an inclusive group that prioritizes humane treatment and welfare of both people and assistance animals!

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