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Creating Counter Conditioning & Desensitization Protocols: Effective Methods and Skills for Successful Behavior Training with Angelica Steinker

  • Thursday, September 01, 2016
  • 1:00 PM (EDT)
  • Saturday, September 01, 2018
  • 2:30 PM (EDT)
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Creating Counter Conditioning & Desensitization Protocols: Effective Methods and Skills for Successful Behavior Training

presented by Angelica Steinker

CEUs: PPAB 1.5, CCPDT 1.5, IAABC 1.5

Join Angelica for this "straight to the facts" webinar on Counter Conditioning and Systematic Desensitization protocols. These are valuable tools for all trainers and behavior consultants but often the theory is misapplied leading to a lack of confidence in the science. 

Learn how to correctly apply these two independent protocols either separately or in combination. Don't fall into the all too common trap of misunderstanding or misusing them where as a result of failure trainers may think that it isn't an effective means of creating behavior change which leads them to climb the humane hierarchy.

Learn how small adjustments to the  the application of Counter Conditioning and Systematic Desensitization is  often all that is needed to harness success in changing emotions and thus behavior. Learn to implement both the science and art of Counter Conditioning and Systematic Desensitization via an easy to remember formula.

Webinar Objectives

  • To give trainers some basic information about Counter Conditioning and Systematic Desensitization protocols so they have an increased understanding of this valuable and powerful tool
  • Empower trainers with an easy to remember formula for the effective use of Counter Conditioning and Systematic Desensitization
  • Help trainer understand why Counter Conditioning and Systematic Desensitization may fail them and what they can do to get the protocol back on track.

About The Presenter

Angelica Steinker M.Ed., PCBC-A, C.D.B.T., C.D.B.C., CAP2

DogNostics Co-Founder & Faculty Member specializing in Dog Behavior Consulting, Dog Sports, Dog Aggression and Learning Theory.

Angelica is a published author in the field of behavior and agility. Her books, Agility Success: Training and Competing with Your Dog in the Winning Zone and Click and Play Agility, address the handler of the agility team and the use of clicker training techniques in the sport respectively, and emphasize the importance of playing and bonding in order to train agility behaviors to the highest level. 

She is on the steering committee of the Pet Professionals Guild and is the Director of Training for the national licensing group The DogSmith.

Angelica has also been published in the Journal of Applied Companion Animal Behavior and the Journal of Veterinary Behavior, both of which are peer-reviewed professional journals. She has been published in the APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) Chronicle of the Dog Newsletter, Dog & Handler, Animal Trainer Magazine, Dog Sport Magazine, Dalmatian Quarterly, and Clean Run, the dog agility magazine. She is currently working on a book that addresses the modification of the behavior of aggressive dogs. 

Angelica is a sought-after public speaker who has presented at conferences across the country including the famous Camp Gone to the Dogs in Vermont, the Association of Pet Dog Trainers Annual Conference, BARK Agility Camp, and Karen Pryor’s Clicker Expo.

Angelica has a Master’s degree in Education, which has served as the foundation for her certifications, ability to communicate with people, and understanding of dog behavior. She enjoys learning about operant and respondent conditioning, at the highest level. Her special interests are aggression, dogs that are difficult to train and problem solving.

Angelica Steinker is also the owner of Courteous Canine, Inc. the #1 Dog Training School in Tampa. Specializing in Obedience, Manners, Agility, Dog Dock Jumping, Lure Coursing, Fun Scent Games & and many other activities.

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