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Coach in animal behaviour
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Training in feline behavior, Félintensif camp by excellent Daniel Filion Certificat - on 2015
Equine ethology by Marine Cassoret, PH. D - Certificate of success - on 2015
Ethology Applied by Marine Cassoret, PH. D -Certificate of success - on 2014
Coach in animal behavior by Dr Joël Dehasse (Behaviouristic veterinarian) - Diploma - on 2014
Training on the stress and the disorders of behavior in veterinary clinic and Environment of refuge by Marine Cassoret Ph. D - 2013
Massotherapy Canine by Jacques Millette of the canine therapeutic Institute Massothérapie
Practitioner's diploma - on 2012
Magister Cynodo Professionnel - By Luc Campbell - on 2012
Workshop human Psychology in connection with the relation human being-dog by Georges-Henri Arenstein, Mr. Ps. Certificate of participation - on 2015
Seminary Dog Event on 2015 with presentations of Dr Susan Friedman, Ken Ramirez and Kathy Sdao Attestation of participation - on 2015
The cat in all his states by Dr Joël Dehasse (Behaviouristic veterinarian) -Certificate - on 2014
Training Medicines Alternativespar Dr Joël Dehasse (Behaviouristic veterinarian) -Certificate of participation - on 2014
Psychology of the cat by the veterinarian Joël Dehasse - attestation on 2013
T-Touch studios with Maryse Perreault - On 2013
I-Box - motivation - strengthening by Chirag Patel -Certificate of participation - on 2013
Psychology of the dog by Dr Joël Dehasse -Certificate - on 2013
Dog Posium Chirag Patel - B.E.L.U.G.A. -Certificate of participation - on 2013
The modification of the perceptions(collections) of dogs by Patrice Robert -Workshop - on 2012
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J7J 1Z5
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Québec, Canada

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Services Offered

Dog Training & Behavior Consulting Services
  • Aggression Consultation
  • Animal Communication
  • Canine Good Citizen Testing
  • Canine Good Citizen Training
  • Cat Behavior Consultations
  • Clicker Training
  • Dog Behavior Consultation
  • In Home Training
  • Pet Dog Training
  • Private Training
  • Puppy Socialization
  • Puppy Star Program
  • Puppy Training
  • Service Dog Training
  • Therapy Dog Training
Pet Spa & Grooming
  • Pet Massage
Which animals do you provide services for?
  • Dogs

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