2017 Fees

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 Membership Level

 Annual Fees Membership Description
 Animal Rescue Organizations $30.00 One user membership for the organization
 Associate Member $50.00 A business employee
 Full Member  
 Equine Behavior Professional $65.00A business owner
 Dog Training/Behavior  Professional $65.00A business owner
 Avian Behavior Consultant $65.00 A business owner
 Cat Behavior Consultant $65.00 A business owner
 Multiple Species $65.00 A business owner
 Pet Care Professionals  
 Pet Care Professional $65.00  A business owner
 Pet Grooming Professional $65.00 A professional Groomer
 Veterinary Professionals  
 Veterinarian Professional  $65.00 A  Licensed Veterinarian
 Veterinarian Technician $50.00 A Veterinary Technician
 Provisional Member   
 Dog Training $45.00A student or trainee 
 Pet Care Professional $45.00A student or trainee 
 Emeritus Member $30.00 A retired professional
 Business Memberships $150.00 A business  membership for 5 professionals
 Corporate Partner 

Packages starting at $450.00. Click here to learn more. 
 Guild Supporter  $45.00 A PPG Supporter who does not work in the industry. Click here to apply

* Please note that PPG Membership fees are non refundable *


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